Thursday, February 7, 2019

Some clothing items that are worn by Muslim men and women to give respect to their culture.

Who are Muslims?

Muslims are the people who follow and practice teachings of Islam. Muslim people consider the Quran as their holy book. The Muslim religion is the strictest religion from all other religion. Some of the clothing items that are worn by both men and women of Muslim culture are mentioned below as follows:

1. Kaftans:
           1. Kaftans are the dresses that are worn by both men and women to cover their bodies from the cold environment.
           2. These are the type of dresses that are worn by women since the time of the Mughal Empire. These dresses are worn by the kings and queens of that time.
           3. Kaftans are long maxi type dresses that are usually made from animal’s skin, wool, silk etc. Kaftans have a rope on the waist part that helps people to tie the kaftan properly. People can buy Kaftan dresses online at cheap and easy prices.

2. Abayas:
           1.Abayas are the long maxi type dresses that Muslim women wear to cover themselves from top to the bottom.
           2. These Abayas are usually stitched with black and grey synthetic cloth and are embroidered from the sleeves of hands and neck.
           3. These Abayas cover the women fully except the hands, head, and feet are not covered by these dresses. With the increase in fashion, Abayas are also available in different types of colors. People can easily buy female formal hijabs and Abayas online.

3. Thobe:
           1. Thobe is a long Abaya like a dress that is worn by the Muslim men’s. These thobes are usually a tailor fitted dress and can be worn with a pair of pants and Pajamas.
           2. Thobe is usually worn by men during winters as because these dresses help people to keep their bodies warm.
           3. Thobes are known by different names in different parts of the world. These dresses are usually worn by the Sheiks of Dubai.

4. Niqab:
           1. Niqab is the head coverings that are used by women to cover their heads and faces in front of any male member near them.
           2. Niqabs are available with a face veil and that face veil has a cut-out on them which helps women to see through it.

5. Hijabs:
           1. Hijabs are again the head coverings used by women of Muslim countries during the prayer times whereas the men’s use caps.
           2. Hijabs are used by women for their own privacy and security also. These dresses are worn by women in front of male members.
           3. Hijabs are folded around the neck and lie on the chest. There is numerous type so hijabs such as Pagdi style hijab, Chiffon hijab etc. People can buy formal hijab from fashion shop.

6. Ghutra and Egal:
           1. Ghutra and Egal are the head coverings of men. Ghutra is usually a red and white patterned scarf worn by men’s on their head.
           2. These head coverings are usually worn by Sheiks. Egal is optional but it is a robe that is used to set the Ghutra properly. These men head coverings are also available online.

These are the different types of Muslim men and women clothing items.