Monday, January 7, 2019

How to keep scalps itch free

These days, many people suffer from an itchy scalp. Most people suffer from certain itchy scalp conditions that happen from oily scalp. But one should definitely find out the cause behind the dry and itchy scalp so that one can go to the right direction when treating it.

There are some major causes behind itchy scalp. The most common one among them is dandruff or the white flake problems. There are most readily available treatment products for them like the scalp anti dandruff shampoo. One can have a worsened dandruff condition because of a fungal infection and a microbe called Malassezia. It is said that dandruff mainly exist in oily scalps. Sometimes if there is a heavy attack then dandruff can also manifest in the beards and eyebrows. There can also be some cluster of dead skins and creamy flakes. When this happens the scalp becomes very itchy and red. Those who have sensitive scalps can also suffer from contact dermatitis. If the scalp is sensitive then one has to be very careful when using an anti-dandruff shampoo. This is because there are several shampoos which contain perfumes, sensitizers, allergens and irritants. They can cause even more irritation and allergies. It may also slip through the skin by triggering an immune response of inflammation to kill those elements. Contact dermatitis can also let one suffer if one does not change their routine scalp care. If the scalp keeps itching even after using the routine shampoo that you use every day, then you should change the shampoo. There can also be some ring worm problems. This thing is also known as the tine a capitis and these are not the actual worms. They are called ring worms because of the pattern and how they look like. Those red itchy sores on the scalp can be easily spotted by someone. Ringworms are also similar to dandruff that are caused by the fungus. But the worse thing is they are very contagious. So, if they are left untreated then it can lead to severe hair loss. The fungus is not only active on the scalp but also it is there deep inside the hair follicles. One definitely needs oral medication for that apart from the usage of topical cream.

One should be avoiding the use of several hair styling products and particularly those which contain silicones. This is because, may be initially it will make the hair look very smooth and shiny but after sometimes, if they are not washed away properly then the hair will start looking lifeless. It also becomes very dull and limp. This can also lead to an itchy scalp condition.

One can always use ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo in order to get rid of dandruff problems. One can mix this shampoo with the regular mild shampoo and use it on the scalp and hair on an alternate day basis till the white flakes are gone completely. Then one can use them weekly so that it never comes back again.