Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Mother's Day between Tradition and Modernity

The Mother's Day returns, as every year, the second Sunday of May. The whole world celebrates the maternal figure, motherhood and the social role of mothers, who on the same day of "Mother's day", who on dates that differ little: the recurrence has however a spring cadence linked to the cycle of natural rebirth after a long winter. Moreover, the association of the spring flowers festival that the earth gives us after winter rest is not accidental.

On a global level, the festival and its annual anniversary date back to the end of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century, while in Italy the Mother's Day is celebrated since the 50s. The rite of honoring the figure of the mother, however, has ancient origins: the Greeks already dedicated a day in honor of the parent with the celebrations in honor of Rhea, the mother of all the gods.

Today the Mother's Day is an important recurrence of the calendar, so as to be considered one of the most important of the year. It is a secular party particularly felt and celebrated with appointments that embrace deep emotional meanings, social values and commercial implications.

On Mother's Day, gifts, flowers, sweets and notes are vehicles of love that reach the most remote corners not only of the world, but also of the heart. At school, in the weeks leading up to this important date, the children work hard to make little jobs and phrases overflowing with love.

Thoughts and attentions are also in the hearts of older children and affectionate family members who wish to honor their mother with dignity, one of the fundamental figures in the life of each of us.

The simplest yet most significant gift is represented by flowers: whether they are roses or floral arrangements, the message of love and dedication chooses the flowery way to express itself to the fullest. If you are undecided, it will be your florist of trust to advise you on the best choice for a floral tribute that goes straight to the heart.

Field flowers, roses, lilies, daisies, tulips, violets or luxuriant plants: choose according to your taste or mother's taste and follow the heart. Add a ticket with a message of love and Mother's Day will be unforgettable. Do not miss a delicate cake or creamy mignon and the party will be very sweet.

If the floral gift you want to add also a beneficial purpose, for years the AIRC - Italian Association for Cancer Research promotes in many squares of Italy the purchase of the azalea to symbolize, together with the Mother's Day, also the fight against the tumors. The proceeds will go to research and you will have contributed to make the anniversary an important moment of reflection.

In terms of reflections, in the festive atmosphere, attention could be given to the social role played by the mother in society, not only for individual families, but for all communities. It is good to remember that mothers often take on commitments and responsibilities that institutions and municipalities are not able to respond adequately.

In many cases mothers make an obligatory choice: abandoning work to dedicate themselves completely to children because the services available to families are insufficient. Or, those that were once young mothers, today are grandmothers that largely offset the voids of a welfare system that does not propose answers in line with the needs of families.

Motherhood still seems a difficult condition to face, almost an obstacle for professional life. If one compares the condition of Italian mothers with that of European and American mothers, another element emerges to dwell on: Italian women struggle a lot more, since they more often deal with domestic life on their own.

That the Mother's Day is then not only a day of hugs, gifts and affectionate thoughts, but also a moment of reflection on the condition of who is a woman and mother and on the opportunities that are often denied.