Friday, December 14, 2018

Clear misconceptions about dandruffs

Hair problems have become a big issue these days. People face a lot of dust and pollution and so their hair becomes dry and frizzy.
Also dandruff is another problem faced by many these days. So, you may find it a bit difficult on how to style your hair with fighting all these problems. Well, for that one has to eradicate the problems in order to have healthy hair.
But whenever there is are flakes in hair or a certain itchiness on the scalp, people tend to reach the nearest dandruff shampoo but before one does that, they need to get out of the common misconceptions that everyone have.
The major thing among them is that dandruff is not caused by the dry skin condition. When the scalp appears to be flaky, it is because there is too much of oil production there. This also happens because there is excessive growth of a harmless yeast known as Malassezia and they start feeding on excess oil and dead skin. This becomes clumps of flakes later.
One may thing washing hair every day can be the best way to keep hair and scalp clean but that is clearly not the case. If one washes their hair every day then it will strip all the natural oils from the hair and will cause irritation. This will make the dandruff condition even more worse. When there is more oil then more dead skin cells accumulate on the scalp leading to flakes. So, one should shampoo at a regular interval to keep their scalp clean and remove all the dead skin cells. Choosing a proper dandruff shampoo which has properties like selenium sulphide and ketoconazole works even better. One also needs to use a dandruff conditioner because using a conditioner after every wash is a must.
Also an itchy scalp always does not mean that one has dandruff issues. One can also have other things like skin inflammation and psoriasis. One can also suffer from allergic reactions due to use of some hair products that can lead to sensitivity. In some cases those flakes have nothing to do with dandruffs.  When an anti dandruff shampoo does not work then one has to take help from a dermatologist.
If one does not see any kind of improvement even after using medicated shampoos for a week or two then one should go for a proper treatment as the problem could be some other skin infection or psoriasis.
Sometimes oily flakes do not appear only on scalp but they also spread to ears, eyebrows and side of noses. One can use the same shampoo to clean those spots as well.
Also dandruff treatment is an ongoing process. It cannot be cured fully but it can be controlled. For that one has to follow certain things on a regular basis.
One can use ketomac shampoo hair loss on a regular basis to treat their dandruff problems. Using them at least twice a week can also show positive results.