Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Are You Planning to Vape When You Are Pregnant?

Vaping along with electronic cigarettes are rated to be a safe bet than regular cigarettes. Vaping and pregnancy 2018 goes on to undertake more harm than is expected. You ought to consider that all the devices go on to put nicotine into the body of a mother and serve no purposes for a pregnant or breastfeeding mother.

With an electronic cigarette, it is basically a nicotine modelled service. A lot of them go on to look like regular cigarettes and some are futuristic. There is a battery along with a cartridge that is incorporated with a liquid which is subject to heating.

When it is the case of regular cigarette nicotine to your lungs is delivered when you are burning tobacco. The vapour that emerges from electronic cigarettes has a lot of serious implications during the phase of pregnancy. There are traces of chemicals like nickel or chromium which can harm the developing baby.

The liquids that are normally used in an electronic cigarette are not subject to any regulation. Most of them contain flavours or other chemicals. No study on the safety of inhaling of these vapours is found till date, let alone is the case of pregnant women.

A lot of studies have been conducted and the trend has been that women do have some serious misconceptions about electronic cigarettes. Out of a survey 43 % of women were of the opinion that electronic cigarettes or Vaping was considered to be a safe choice. 60 % felt it was a source of addiction whereas 57 % were of the opinion that it contained nicotine. The worse aspect is that out of the women who were part of the survey only 13 % went on to use electronic cigarettes. The most popular reason which was given them for using it was they considered to be safe than regular cigarettes.

You need to understand that electronic cigarettes put nicotine into the mother’s body along with that of the baby. Till date there is no safe exposure as far as nicotine levels are concerned. If there is exposure to nicotine before childbirth, it can alter the function along with brain structure in case of kids. If you adopt e cigarettes during pregnancy the chances of miscarriage, premature baby along with a host of birth defects can arise. Nicotine is it from electronic or regular cigarettes also reflects in the breast milk as well.

In the world that we all are part of no women particularly if you are pregnant should not smoke. But we are not part of such a world and women who are into smoking do become pregnant. The moment you are pregnant you should cut down on smoking be it from traditional or electronic cigarettes. If you are into smoking and thinking of quitting you need to talk to your doctor. It is better that you discuss with your doctor about the various mechanisms that would prevent you from giving up this habit.

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