Friday, November 2, 2018

Role Of Chatbots In The Travel Industry

It is seen that travellers are now constantly want to increase the information about the place that they are going to visit. This increase in demand from the travellers seems to be more meaningful travel experiences. The travellers are too seems that they want to have the travel destinations as well as businesses to meet the demand for communication as well as engagement. These days many of the people love to move to different areas and explore the destinations as per own convenience. The technology comes to their help as and when it is required whether it is information about the destination or route to reach there. 
All these communications as well as engagement, it includes the whole new spectrum which is said to be from the traditional email marketing to all social media like Twitter as well as Facebook. In an old report, which was published from BI Intelligence in the year 2016, it shows that the messaging apps have been caught up in all the social media platforms which are regarding users.  
In that report, it is mentioned that the combined users of Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln and Facebook are said to be lies between about 3 to 3.5 billion but when it comes to the apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and Messenger is said to be around 3.7 billion. Now, to help the customers to clarify the doubts or even giving the information, chatbots are now proved to be very useful. 
It is not easy forgiving human support to all the customers, so now chatbots are providing all types of support and assistance to the customers. Chatbots in travel sector is said to play a very important role.  It is seen that travel chatbots can able to offer some clean alternative. It has been seen that the online chatbots which are there for the websites as well as messaging apps. And they have got all the things in common as they don’t create bloatware on any device.

How chatbots help you?

Chatbots are programmed AI. All you need is to ask for the information or even assistance. It is seen that all the things seem to be in simplicity and it is all done by just asking some simple question.  These chatbots provide all the information that you need just by asking it to the point. 


Chatbots have said to be getting many benefits, and some of them are mentioned below. 
• Chatbots can able to provide better customer service to all the people at the same time. One needs not to wait as they respond instantly to you to all your problems. 
• It helps in improving the engagement as there are no time boundaries for them. 
• They are cost effective for the company and very helpful for the company with the power of artificial intelligence. 
It is said that chatbot for travel agency is like a blessing as it helps the travel agency to deal with the queries of customers in a more better way and in a more efficient way.