Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What is GMAT? Can You Crack It in First Attempt?

Before you get into the depths of GMAT, it would be good if you know when to start your preparation for this test. It would be ideal if you start five to six months prior to the test. In this way, you would get plenty of time on your plate to prepare in an effective manner. You would get time to understand the test, prepare for the segments and do good amount of revision.
You can join GMAT test prep classes and stick to it for overall preparation. Similarly, you can spend a considerable time at test at home too. even if you stuck in something or other; remember that three months of day today prep is the aim standard for a perfect GMAT study timeline. It is because it’s long enough to permit you to hone on your weaknesses, finish regular drills, and take various full-length practice tests.This would make you confident about your preparation and give you courage to face the pressure of test with utmost positivity.

What is the GMAT test?

Graduate Management Admission TestGMAT) is a 3one and a half hour standardized test that has been designed to predict how test takers are going to perform academically in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs. GMAT scores are used by graduate business schools to make decisions related to admission.You may at times find the GMAT referred to as GMAT CAT. The acronym CAT means Computer Adaptive Test. Basically,just two of the tests four sections (Verbal and Quantitative) are computer-adaptive, it means during in these sections only the test adapts to your capability level as you go.

What does GMAT target at?

The GMAT targets at measuring the broad skill areas: quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and integrated reasoning.  It embraces analytical, quantitative, and also verbal reasoning.  The test measures these skills via four distinct components, presented in a specific order.
  • Thirty-minute-long Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Thirty-minute-long Integrated Reasoning section 
  • Seventy-five minutes Quantitative section 
  • A seventy-five-minute Verbal section 

For each of these four exam sections, a separate ascended score and percentile rank are rewarded. A joint Quantitative/Verbal score known as total score and corresponding percentile rank also get awarded.  If you are new to this test then you should know that GMAT is not a pass or fail test.
Can you do it in the first attempt?
Yes, there are many candidates who appear in the test and score really high in the first attempt. It is all about how you prepare for the test. GMAT is easy if you are prepared. GMAT prep can help you ace the test. Once you invest time, energy, efforts, and smartness in your preparation and performance; nobody can stop you from scoring great in this test. Once you have a good hold of concepts, segments and overall layout of the test; you can perform in a better manner.
So, the first step to perform well in GMAT is to keep yourself ready, positive and stress-free about the test.