Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Utility of PACS for Hospitals

You should make sure that you know what PACS for hospitals is and it is a system that allows for archiving and communication with pictures. Not only that, but you can use it for presentation, distribution, management, retrieval and storage of the pictures as well. Every medical facility needs one of these and they need to understand what components are part of it as well as the benefits for everyone involved.


When it comes to PACS for hospitals there are 4 major components, including:
  • Archives for retrieval and storing of the images
  • Workstation for reviewing and interpreting the images
  • Secure network used for transmission of all patient data
  • Imaging modalities

When all of these are put together, then they can deliver the images in a timely manner. Not only that, but there is efficient access to these images that can then be shared with other doctors and it cuts down on the time that is required when the images are printed. You should make sure that you know the advantages as well as the benefits that any office would get when using this system.

Benefits and Advantages
There are a few main uses for PACS for hospitals that are seen, such as:

  • Replacement of hard copies – When everything is done digitally and can be shared over a secure network, then there is no need to keep the hard copies of the images.
  • Remote access – Also, if the doctors are out of office, then they would be able to have remote access to the images that would allow them to make a diagnosis or recommend more tests and treatment.
  • Integration – This system can also be integrated to work with the other systems that the medical facilities would be using, including the RIS, EMR or HIS so that all doctors can see all of the information.

Not only are those the main uses, but there are also benefits for everyone involved from start to finish. Some of the benefits that are seen by the doctor making a diagnosis or looking to see if the patient needs to be referred to another doctor includes:

  • Improved access to current and past records for the patient
  • The integrity of the file and fast retrieval
  • Better diagnosis or understanding of referral needs

These make it easier for someone who is trying to help the patient access the information and then send them to a referral doctor if necessary. The referring doctor would also see some benefits when it comes to using the images, such as:
  • Reduction of legal costs due to any maladministration from film loss or lack of the patient's history
  • The shorter length of stay
  • A better outcome for the patients
  • Better or earlier intervention and management of the patient

There are also numerous benefits that the patient would get when the PACS for hospitals is put into use. Some of these include:
  • Reduced exposure to radiation from the x-ray equipment
  • Shorter times required for examination
  • Lower exposure to more radiation due to the lower need when it comes to retaking of images
  • Lower inconvenience levels in visiting the hospital for examinations as well as reexaminations
  • Lower chances of any adverse reactions to the contrast agents

The patients should be aware of these benefits that they would be getting since it would be making everything easier for them. Also, the medical facility would also have some benefits that they could see, such as:
  • Better and easier communications with the doctors
  • Better administration of the hospital
  • Better training for radiology as well as other students through the online access of images as well as the digital teaching files
  • Better staff retention because of improved and higher morale

These are all things that need to be considered when it comes to why you should make sure that you are implementing one of these systems. Not only does the patient as well as the doctors enjoy benefits, but also the hospitals and everyone else. This would allow for easier access to the files, which can be sent to other doctors if second opinions or referrals are required.

It is extremely important that you know why every medical facility should have some sort of PACS for hospitals, especially those with a high level of patients. This would make it easier for every doctor to be able to access the images without having to look at actual files. Not only that, but they can be sent from the original doctor to another when a referral is needed, which would cut down on the costs and the time needed. Having easy access and retrieval of the images makes everything simpler and they can be attached to the medical files of the patient so that other doctors know their history.