Saturday, October 27, 2018

Turn your house into a bohemian paradise

Anyone who wants their house to be full of culture and life that includes a number of interesting items for the whole world to see should go for the Bohemian look when decorating their house. This style embraces the carefree, unusual and the relaxed nature of life as it flies right in the face of all modern responsibilities. Though boho rooms always share a certain amount of similarities, yet the style is known to be quite eclectic. You won’t find any two rooms that are exactly the same to look at. That’s how diverse the style is.
People who choose to live a very unconventional life like actors, travelers, writers and various other forms of artists are the ones who inspire the bohemian style. By incorporating all their ideas and combining the objects, patterns, and colors from the different walks of life and numerous areas of the world this style was created. This is the kind of style that you can truly call your own as it involves you being in your most natural form and bringing out your individuality.


There are no specific rules when it comes to decorating your house in the bohemian style, but using earthy colors in the warm tone is pretty commonly observed. Jewel tones and metallic tones are also quite popular. Mixing all these different colors and layering them in unique combinations is what makes this style so popular. You can find a lot of boho home decor items in these colors which would make your home shine. You shouldn’t think in a conventional way, instead, you should follow your heart and even mix those colors which others might say that don’t go together.


The bohemian style is exactly the opposite of the minimal, sleek and modern style. So it involves ‘the more the better’ philosophy. You can mix and match all the decorative items in your room to give it a classic bohemian look. The boho look is better achieved if the items have a kind of worn out look. This doesn’t mean that the items have to be damaged, but they should look quite new and shiny either. The boho style is all about canopies over the bed, so if you are into it, then you should try it out.


You won’t find furniture of the bohemian style in any furniture store. The best bohemian furniture is the one that has been collected over some time. This means that vintage items and second hand furniture are exactly what you need. The furniture you get must have some kind of story to tell. So you should go and have loads of fun exploring all your local vintage shops for such furniture. If you love some piece, then it will fit right in your paradise.


Your lighting should be understated and ambient one. This will complete the whole look of your bohemian paradise and give it a very warm and welcoming touch. Lanterns and lamps be it floor lamps or table ones are quite popular. Candles can also be used as a great alternative.