Monday, October 29, 2018

Some golden rules to have healthy locks

Every one of us loves to have preened, primped and perfect hair. It is very commonly seen that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used to tell us to oil our hair for good health. But now the days have changed where the hairdresser gives you advice of using hair spa products to get rid of all hair problems. Before you choose your style of taking care of hair, it is important to know about all the types of hair problems that one may face and their root cause.
Due to lack of proper hair care, many problems arise like- hair fall, split ends, premature greying, dandruff, dull hair and many more. The person’s appearance is all because of his or her hair texture. So, hair is a vital part of our body that if not taken proper care of will make you look bad. 

There are some golden rules to be followed to have healthy locks-

• Take balanced diet- Eating a healthy and a well-balanced diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and yes, of course, drinking plenty of water will help get rid of the main problems of hair fall. One may have a healthy hair texture when a balanced and nutritious diet is taken.

• Use more natural products- These days the hair products are full of toxins and high-chemicals that may lead to worsening the hair problems. Thus, it is advisable to use some natural products that can be made at home and are easily available in the market. Products like lemon juice so applied will help in getting back the hair shine back. On the other hand, having tangled and frizzy hair is not a problem if apple honey is applied properly on the scalp. In case of dandruff one can use the best shampoo to stop dandruff at the initial stage, reducing the quantity when the problem is tackled at a later stage.

• Go with mild shampoos- Cleaning the scalp and hair on a routine basis is equally important to have healthy and lustrous hair. For this washing hair at least twice a week is recommended. The shampoo so used must be mild with no or very less chemicals. Go with ketmoac anti dandruff shampoo as it is very good for treating dandruff. Conditioner must be used to moisturize the hair that gives an extra shield to the hair and the shine making them easier to untangle.

• Avoid using dryers and other products- Hairstyling is loved by all. But the products like gels, creams, colors if used on regular basis releases the toxins to the scalp causing strong damage to the hair. Instead of blow drying the hair with hot dryers, it is good to let them dry naturally. Avoid using flat irons and other straighter for having a new hair style each day.

Apart from these ones- it is essential to massage hair with oil like coconut oil, almond oil depending upon the type of hair so that it helps in promoting hair growth. Getting hair trimmed every two months will also help in minimizing the problem of split-ends and also promotes hair growth. Hair is the main part of our personality. Take proper care in routine.