Thursday, October 11, 2018

PLA MOTION CONTROLLER – Get The Latest Gaming Technology For Maximum Fun

Gaming is a good way to kick back and relax with friends or alone. The experience itself should, therefore, be fun. As such, any gamer, whether hardcore, professional or casual, usually want a gaming system that enables smooth gameplay. They invest in powerful machines with the quality graphics card and sufficient RAM.  Also, the gaming controllers factor in their investment in gaming. After all, you would not like to lose over an unresponsive controller, would you? And now we bring to you a controller like no other, the PLA motion controller.

For so long, gamers have waited for a motion controller that is superior in more than one way and finally, Xavier technologies has done it. By developing the PLA motion controller, the company has rendered typing on keyboards to play games obsolete, and if you think about it, it is about time! Typing on keyboards sucks the fun out of gaming. Having to press several keyboard keys to get the character moving can even give you carpel tunnels let alone annoy you. Say goodbye to old-school gaming and embrace PLA motion controllers.

The controllers are designed to make fps and action games realistic with an optical steering wheel, 3 precision 360 degrees joystick, precision vector sequencer, digital and analog steering modes, and an ergonomic wrist wrest. Forget the constant re-positioning, and the mental torture of typing to play.   All these features of the PLA controller are aimed at maximizing the fun and enable smooth and fair gameplay. Fire away, steer vehicles, knockout your opponent with the simplicity of the new motion controller.

Apart from these outstanding features, PLA motion controller paves way for fast gaming through the execution of macro commands. It can perform up to 160 keyboard commands which is not only impressive but also necessary for a fun gaming experience.

Xavier technologies has realized the need for accessories that can match up to the modern games.  For sure, typing on keyboards is unrealistic and not to mention, uncomfortable. PLA motion controller keeps up with the modern gaming world making you feel like you are part of the action. You do not struggle to change direction or blow up stuff like you would with a keyboard. It is very realistic and intuitive.

PLA motion controller is a must have gaming accessory. The years put into perfecting the ultimate fps and action game controller have paid off at last.  Get one now and enjoy the experience.