Sunday, October 21, 2018

How to Make Your Nail Polish Long Lasting & Reusable

Most of the time when you choose any nail paint from your old nail polish collection you find that it isn’t fit for the further uses. Nail polish is one of the most basic types of manicure item for the ladies. All the females are passionate about having a collection of nail polish bottle. But they’re not able to finish it. Most of the time when you visit your old nail polish collection you find most them are not able to use. 

Here we’ll tell you how to protect your nail polish bottle from getting thick & lumpy. If take proper care of your nail polish collection than you can defend it for a long time, but it’ll only increase its life for some time. 

Methods For the Protection Of Nail Polish

It is straightforward and you can protect it by merely adopting some simple precautions these are listed below:
  • Use nail polish Thinner: It is the most effective way to avoid the nail polish to get thinner. Use few drops of thinner and then gently roll the bottle of the nail polish on to the table. This simple process will make you nail polish reusable
  • Avoid Freezing it: Most of the ladies think that placing a nail polish container into the refrigerate slow down the lumpy process but it is not true it increase the rate of getting unusable process as compared to the average temperature. 
  • Protect From Direct Sun Exposure: Most of the women forget to keep it on to the cool place or place their nail polish container on to the window. 

Sometimes even these methods don’t seem able to protect your nail polish. What do you do with your nail polish container once it gets finished? Most of us throw it, but you can variously use those bottles. Here we’re discussing it use as a cuticle oil.

How to Prepare Cuticle Oil By Using Nail Polish Bottle

Your nail is like skin which absorbs what you apply on it. If you’re looking for the healthier and smooth looking nail than prepare cuticle oil. It can be created in a few simple steps which is given below:
  • Take empty nail polish container and wash by using olive oil & wash it entirely until the liquid inside the bottle is not clear.  Also, Wash the nail polish brush and rinse both the bottle and brush with the running water and allow them to dry overnight
  • Now pour the olive oil inside the bottle. Olive oil is the natural gift which makes your nail healthy.

Hope this post will help you to protect your nail polish for a long time and it will also help you to reuse those bottle which is not suitable for future use.